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Christopher E. Tsavaris, MD 

"I saw my client and asked her: what did you do? You lost weight and you look great!!!. She said that she is going to this nutritionist, I took his number and made an appointment to go see him. I lost about 6 pounds in 2 months and started to eat healthy. He is amazing!!!"
-Facebook.com, 12/18/2014

"I was very scared to start this program. Once I arrived the nurse was nice and immediately recognized my nervousness. She answered a few of my questions and assured me the doctor would address all my concerns. The lecture was interactive and Dr. Tsavaris answered all my questions. He was amiable. Great place can't wait to start seeing my results. On Saturday it will be week one."

-Vitals.com, 7/10/2012

"They're really great about taking their time with me, and they don't mind answering my questions. I've never felt like an annoyance to them no matter how many questions I have.  They made sure that their qualifications were obvious. I was confident that I was under the care of a professional.  When comparing them to others I have visited for the same condition, they are among the best I have seen.  The waiting area is rather small, but there is always a seat available. It would be nice if it was more spacious, but I've never had to stand. It was easy to get the appointment time that worked for my schedule."
-Wellness.com, 1/17/2012

"Dr. Tsavaris is a an excellent physician, and his diet plan really works! He makes sure you understand the diet and talks to you individually, or if you are struggling with any week. He always encourages you. The staff is very approachable and friendly, they always like talking to people that come in and the office was just recently done and it is absolutely beautiful."
-Vitals.com, 5/23/2011

"I've been lurking for a while now, which is how I found my doctor [...] in nyc. I like the fact that he's inexpensive, but also seems genuinely interested in helping his patients keep the weight off by addressing ALL factors that contribute to weight loss and gain. My parents are MDs and husband a personal trainer, and I still learned things I didn't know during his 75 minute speech. [...] I used to be pro athlete and very much into fitness and running (although i never enjoyed any of it, just the final result). Now that I'm no longer competing, I have stopped all physical activity and that combined with fast food, traveling, eating out, partying and drinking frequently, and getting married, I had an explosive amount of weight gain in literally 3-4 months. I went from a size 4/5 to a 12/14. I've had this weight for
about 15 months. Now I'm ready to do something about it."
-Phentermine.com, 7/13/2009

"This seems the most affordable person in the NYC area, although it ****s having to travel from Westchester--he was able to give me 2 weeks worth so I didn't have to come back as often. Once I find out the best dosage, I (hopefully) will have to go in less. [...] Thank god I found this guy, I was getting so desperate I was going to take a train out to Commack to another place I found listed on the Internet."
-Phentermine.com, 6/25/2009